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"An important book for EVERYONE"

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"A wonderful, comprehensive must-read"

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"Clearly written, profound and accessible"

Nobody is Broken front cover

We are experiencing a hidden epidemic of vast proportion, made up of past, unresolved emotional experiences. These experiences are what we refer to as trauma.

This trauma occurs at both the individual and collective level and is the root of almost all the anxiety and stress that we experience in our lives. 

Nobody is Broken offers a deep insight into this phenomenon, looking at why it has happened and why it has remained hidden for so long. And it also gives a healthy dose of encouragement that we can all heal. 

Using case studies from her clinical experience, the author demonstrates how we can finally release the grips of the past, in order that we can, at last, step into our future with joy, compassion, and love. 

Download diagrams from Chapter 4 here.

“Extremely readable, straightforward, no-nonsense”

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Lucinda Gordon Lennox, MSc, MBACP, is an accredited psychotherapist, writer and lecturer, working internationally online and in-person. She lives in London with her two children.

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